She’s back !

Sometimes I can be such a bitch, you know?

Even God steps away when I enter the ballroom

Wearing my Bloody-Bitch costume.

The Bitch is here! The Bitch is here!

Whisper the fallen angels

Let’s make her space, she may snatch again

Our feathers and throw them away.

Yes, they know, remembering the time

I was like them, an angel from Hell

Picked up in Heaven by my loving Dad,

And then hit by the ground by the same …

Now so called God … He really likes to play hard!

Aren’t you afraid? To say such words?

Don’t you have any emotions in your heart?

Emotions? Don’t make me laugh!

Yes … I have, but only in the morning

Opening my eyes in the front of the mirror

Not knowing if I’ll see again my reflection

Or I will see my true wild nature.


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